Because of the long history of coffeeshops in the Netherlands we know what it takes to prepare
the perfect pre rolled joint. We are a company that has put all the Dutch experience of 35 years
in filling pre-rolled cone’s into a revolutionary machine!



  • Van Der Heimstraat 1
  • 2582 RX Den Haag
  • The Netherlands


Why bother your staff with the agonizing job of filling pre-rolled cone’s one by one by hand?!
We developed the ultimate machine that will make the job so much easier.

We have 3 machines:

The Joint-Full 100
The Joint-Full 250
The Joint-Full 500

For every size store or chain of stores this will be the final solution to your endless days of mind
numbing cone filling. The machines are available in any ral color and with any top size you want
either it is 109 mm, 98 mm or 70 mm. So what ever you want to make you can use the Joint-Full

Please checkout our webshop and if you have any questions please email us at: sales@joint-full.com